Preguntas Frecuentes (FAQ)

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¿What’s Octopocket?
Octopocket is a intelligent wallet using Telegram platform, you dont need to download any APP, Octopocket allow you to take your money wherever your smartphone goes.
With Octopocket you can receive and send money to other users and you can also withdraw money by cashier (only in Spain) or send it to your bank account.
Octopocket is a Bitcoin wallet too. Send and recieve bitcoins as simple as write a message.
¿What Do I need to use Octopocket?
You must have in your device the Telegram messaging app.
Once you have Telegram search us on search toolbar as (@octopocket_bot)
This allows you to have many functions directly in Telegram without having to download another application. Using Octopocket is like talking to a friend.
¿How to find Octopocket in Telegram?
Click on Search Toolbar in Telegram. Write “Octopocket” (@octopocket_bot)
Click Start or also you can click here directly
I'm already inside Octopocket bot, do I need to accept the conditions?
Yes, you must accept them in order to use Octopocket.
Once accepted what is optional is to register.
If you do not register, you'll use Octopocket as a simple Bitcoin wallet in the cloud.
If you register you can take advantage of all the features.
There are also a few utilities available for any user to be registered or not (see below for other utilities section).
How to use Octopocket with Telegram?
Once you are inside Telegram and you have found me, you can start using me. I am intelligent and I understand everything you say to me, my creators have programmed me to understand words. Test me, type.. send, pay, order, charge, etc.
For more information visit the tutorial.
¿What’s Bitcoin?
With Octopocket you can buy, sell or exchange Bitcoin for other currencies instantly.
How do I know how much a Bitcoin is worth?
Write “bitcoin” and the available options will appear. Press the PRICE button and choose or write the reference currency that you want to check. Octopocket uses the latest exchange rate in euros provided by the main exchange platforms.
How do I charge bitcoins in my wallet?
Write “load”, and the amount you want to load. Example: “load 1 Bitcoin”
You can choose between buying Bitcoins with Sofort or load bitcoins to your Octopocket bitcoin address.
What is the address associated with my wallet?
You have a UNIQUE Bitcoin input address, (your personal Bitcoin address) this is generated the moment you first request bitcoins and generate a QR.
Once generated, you can write “settings” and press VIEW. There your bitcoin address will appear among other data.
Who can I send bitcoins to?
You can send bitcoins to any Bitcoin address (Note: Commissions of the bitcoin network, minimum fee 0.002 btc will be added), just make a photo of the QR or write / send, and enter the destination Bitcoin address when Octopocket ask where.
You can also send directly (and without commissions) to other registered users of Octopocket, for this you need to put your phone or email to identify as a registered user.
No, because you are not registered and the other users can not associate with a mobile or email. In short, the only way is to use your Octopocket Bitcoin address to receive Bitcoins.
Can I receive Bitcoins from other Octopocket users?
Can I request a payment in Bitcoin using QR code?
You can request a simplified bitcoin payment in QR code by writing ask “quantity” qr.
Example: “ask 0.005 btc qr”
Octopocket is able to understand any QR code.
If a friend asks you for a payment in Bitcoin in QR format, insert the code in Octopocket with a photograph and you will identify it instantly.
You can also copy the url of the bitcoin payment directly into Octopocket.
Why is my balance on Octopocket different from the balance of my bitcoin address?
You can check your Bitcoin address here
The address associated with your user is only an input address in order to identify the payments that are directed to you and to be able to pay them in your Octopocket balance.
At any time the system can transfer the balance of that address to an internal address to handle with more efficiency and security the balance bitcoin of all the users.
How to buy or sell bitcoins?
This function is only available for registered users.
Unregistered users can only send or receive bitcoins.
What information does Octopocket handle about me?
Octopocket does not handle any personal data because you are not registered, we only know your name and the user id in Telegram thanks to which the bot can communicate with you.
Are there limits?
No, in this case Octopocket behaves as a standard bitcoin wallet.
Can I view graphs and bitcoin market rates?
Yes. We give the daily chart of btc with the currency that you want
Yes. We give the current btc price against the currency you want
Just write “bitcoin” and you will see the options available.
And I can not do anything else?
Yes, register and you will be able to operate with all the advantages. Buy and sell bitcoin, send receive money in any currency etc.
What can I do with Octopocket?
Octopocket is born so that your money in the mobile is easy to carry.
You can send and receive money as easily as sending a text message, with Octopocket you don’t need cash. In addition, you can save your money in different currencies: bitcoin (BTC), euro(EUR), dollar(USD), yen(JPY), pound(GBP), Canadian dollar(CAD), mexican peso(MXN), yuan(CNY) and Swiss franc(CHF).
Keep your money in the currency you want and make transactions directly from your messaging application.
How to start using Octopocket?
To activate the wallet woth all features we follow the registration steps, we accept the conditions and it is advisable to read the tutorial. With your name and surname, an email and phone number you can enjoy all the features as a registered user. Then we will load the balance.
How do I charge balance?
You just write "load" and choose the quantity we want to charge.
You can load EUR or BTC in Octopocket.
Once you put quantity and currency It will generate a link, click on it and take us to the Sofort payment gateway.
We must look for our bank and Sofort will take care of connecting with him.
Once logged in with user and password of our online banking, the money will be reflected instantly. You have more information about the load here:
It’s safe to pay with Sofort?
Yes, in fact in Germany and Holland is the most common payment method, if you want to see in detail how it protects your data look at this link.
What currency can I load balance in?
You can load balance in euros(EUR) or bitcoins(BTC).
Once you type or press / load you will be asked for the amount and the currency
(EUR or BTC)
If you choose Euros, Sofort will be opened to make a transfer
If you choose Bitcoin you can buy them by Sofort or by clicking on Qr to load Bitcoins directly if you have in another wallet.
How long does it take to receive my balance?
Once the payment is made, you will receive the balance instantly.
For security reasons, the balance remains blocked until the transfer is received (usually it takes one business day). However, you have the option of an instant money transfer in the currency of charge. That is, you can charge instantly and send money without waiting for transfer confirmation.
Who can I send money to?
To any registered contact in Octopocket, when you ask or send money you just have to press the clip on Telegram and look for a contact. Octopocket tell you if you contact is registered or not. If your contact is not registered Octoipocket will generate a link to receive the payment.
Another option: to write the email, or the phone number directly when Octopocket asks you where to do the payment
Can I withdraw money at a ATM?
Yes (Only in Spain), when you write o press “send” command and putting the amount in euros you will see the option to send to ATM..
You can send money from Octopocket to more than 10,000 ATMs compatible with the halcash network.
Write or press “map” or sending directly your location you can know the ATMs that you have closer.
How to associate my bank account with Octopocket
When you make your first charge, your account is associated so you can send money back whenever you want.
It is important that your registration data match those of the account holder, otherwise we will not be able to associate your Bank account with Octopocket.
How can I send balance to my bank account?
Once your account is associated, when you write o press “send” command you will directly see that option. Bank.
What limits do I have?
You can check them writing “settings” command and press “limits” button.
The limits of the standard user are:
  • Maximum balance (total of all pockets): 400 €
  • Daily money sending: € 100
  • Monthly money sending: 200 €
  • Annual money sending: 1200 €
Advanced users have the following limits:
  • Maximum balance (total of all pockets): € 2,000
  • Daily money sending: € 500
  • Monthly money sending: € 2,000
  • Annual money sending: € 10,000
What happens when I exceed the limits?
Octopocket will not allow you to receive balance from othe users, charge more balance is also disabled. On the other hand, you can send balance to other users, Halcash withdrawals or send bitcoin to external addresses; doing so it will decrease your balance and you will be back within the accepted limits.
How to be an advanced user?
To be an advanced user we need to validate your ID or passport first.
For this you have to send an email to
You must send it from the email that you have registered in Octopocket, in the title of the email indicate your ID number and inside it includes an attachment with the photo of your DNI on both sides (or two photos, one for each side).
What information does Octopocket handle about me?
Email, name and surname and mobile number, also the IBAN of your bank account if it is associated to send or load balance with it.
In case of wanting to raise the money limit we will also have your ID. It’s all.
What is a pocket?
In Octopocket besides bitcoin you can also use euros(EUR), dollars(USD) and other referenced currencies.
In referenced pockets, although they are backed with bitcoin, you have no risk of change. Each pocket always retains the value of the referenced currency.For more information
How many pockets does Octopocket have?
Initially we had 8 pockets (one for each leg of the octopus).
Currently we have more, bitcoin. ether, euro, dollar, yen, pound, mexican peso, canadian dollar, yuan and swiss franc; To use them you can write the previous name or its equivalent ISO code btc, eth, eur, usd, jpy, gbp, cad, cny, mxn or chf.
How do I move my balance between different currency pockets?
Writting o pressing move + quantity + currency + destination currency .
Example: “move 22€ to usd”
Octopocket is ready to understand you the same way.
Octopocket will calculate the currency conversion in real time, indicating the equivalent.
Once you have seen the equivalent, we can press /OK or /CANCEL to execute or not the conversion.
There are fees?
No. Money sending between users is totally FREE.
Only in those cases where there is an additional expenses (bank cost), it will be transferred to the client. For example, send money to ATM or sending balance to bank account does have a commission specified below.
Octopocket shows on the screen the final quantities before confirming a move always, where we can confirm or cancel before giving OK.
The additional expenses are:
  • Currency exchange = Octopocket offers a price depending on the market, difference between buy and sell is around 3%
  • ATM Halcash (only Spain) = 0.5 € + 2%
  • Bank transfer = 0.5 + 2%
  • Send to external bitcoin addresses; (Minimum fee established by the Bitcoin network 0.002 BTC)
Is Octopocket Safe?
For our part we make every effort to make the system as safe as possible, our team has extensive experience in banking systems and audit the system using the usual procedures in the banking and monitor in real time the balances of customers and assets that Has Octopocket to back them up.
Can I put some type of password to Octopocket?
You must know that you can put a password in Telegram in Settings / Privacy / Access Code, and as an extra security of Octopocket, you can configure a PIN that only you know to be able to execute orders. You can configure PIN on Settings / PIN in Octopocket
In addition to PIN you can select the quantity you will be asked for the PIN.
For example, if you put the threshold at € 20 you can make two money transfers of € 9 without a PIN, but if you make a third shipment of € 1 or more you will be asked for the PIN.
Any question more?
Location of ATMs nearby
Send your location and shows you the nearest ATMs (compatible with halcash).
You can only send money to ATM if you are a registered user of Octopocket
Currency converter
Octopocket can show the euro exchange rate of its available currencies in real time.
Example: Type [1 usd] and it will show you the change in EUR and BTC
Example: Type [1 eur] and it will show you the change in BTC
Example: Type [1 btc] and it will show you the change in EUR
Using QR Codes
Octopocket can be used as a QR code reader.
Just take a photo and send it to Octopocket or attach a picture with the clip
What is a QR Code?
It is a quick response code where any information is coded to be able to access quickly with a simple scan from a mobile device.